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Its all about the trending things and your interests to be customized on the products Like T-shirts, Bottles, coffee mugs etc.

How it works..?

If you are thinking to gift a T-shirt to your friend who was about to celebrate his Birthday.

we all know that currently due to pandemic all are maintaining social distancing and home quarantine yeah exactly this is trending then you can just customize the product with the print as shown in below and you can gift it.

In the Similar way you can customize what ever you needed and then you can gift it or you can use it for your own purpose as well.

You can also customize the products like Printed coffee mugs, water bottles with your message you can just give the design of your thought and the design with the product you need.

For example you loved your job and you need to customize that design I LOVE MY JOB on coffee mug you can do it as below the picture.

This is how it works on the Coffee mugs. I hope By this you can Understand how the customized products and print on demand products will work.

Customized products in organizations.

If any event taken place in the organization the concept customization will helps. Let  us dive in deep how it will work.

We all know that the large organizations like Hospitals are going to held the Camps in the villages to make awareness programs then it will be tough to recognize the public and staff separately. 

Then they can use this customized T-shirts to their staff with the same color with the names printed on it.

By this it is easy to recognize that who is staff and who is public. This how it will work for the organizations.

Printed Tess

printed Tees which are using by the most of the online Companies or E-commerce now a days as business.

Let us assume If some one who is an entrepreneur  running a restaurant he wants to introduce an uniform to his team. Then he might order printed products online like tees, jackets etc.. to recognize his brand in the public for this Kind of printed tees they will sell them in a wholesale by taking the orders.


Print on demand

This is another Concept which most of the E-commerce Companies Like Tee spring, Jabong  etc,,are using to sell there T-shirts.

They introduce a affiliate program for the sellers and they give the commission to the sellers this means if you sell the more products you will get your Commission.


these are basically printed products Like t-shirts, Printed Coffee mugs etc.., any demanding things and trending things will design as your Own and you can sell that product by using the mentioned platforms.

you can also use face book Ads or Google ads to promote the products and if you get the sales you will get the Commission this is the concept of the print on demand products.

What is affiliate Marketing...?How it works for POD(PRINT ON DEMAND)

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning the Commission by promoting other peoples products.

Basically this might be a risk less work if you know the strategies well you can earn easily by promoting the products of others in the social media or other platforms.

Print on demand related E-commerce companies or Online businesses are mostly encouraging the affiliate marketers to get more sales to their products in return they will give the Commission to the sellers.

If  you want to know More about Affiliate marketing check the step-by -step process in the Blog Published By Raman Blogs to Follow


What is E-commerce..?

A commercial transactions which can be conducted electrically in the internet. which means no need to go for stores for the shopping.

it’s all about the online purchases. Now a days we can see India is growing digitally and every one is loving to shop on online instead of going to stores.

we can also see that the ecommerce companies like Flipkart and Amazon are  growing fast in the countries like India and china because these countries are growing digitally.

meanwhile most of the businesses are choosing there platform as online because they are thinking in the long prospect to grow there business online. POD (print on demand) and Customized Products are also available in the online for Example if you type printed tees in the google search you are able to see lot of e-commerce companies are advertising there products in google. by this  we can understand that how demand that online business or e-commerce business occupies in the Future.

Some of the e-commerce companies are playing the key role in the online and people are also trusting them because of the service they provide to the user sometimes they provide offers to attract the people towards there brand.

Most of the people Concentrates on the offer rather than the product all these are Business tactics that are using by the e-commerce Companies.

The known fact is E-commerce companies are playing major role in the Future for Online shopping.

The reason behind explaining about these ecommerce and affiliate marketing is E-commerce companies are keeping printed Tess and Customized products as there products and it is necessary to know about the Ecommerce and they backend works.

in the similar way affiliate marketing is also the one of the major thing that e-commerce companies introduce for the Sellers and to get Commission for selling the products by this those companies will increase there sales which helps in the growth of there business.

 Lot of marketers selling the print on demand products by owing there own store in shopify platform and earning good passive income. This is all basic knowledge to know about the E-commerce Companies and Affiliate marketing to promote the products in the future.

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